Blake Teichmeier's ePortfolio

Blake Teichmeier's ePortfolio

Blake Teichmeier's ePortfolio

Blake Teichmeier's ePortfolio

Blake Teichmeier's ePortfolio

Blake Teichmeier's ePortfolio

Blake Teichmeier's ePortfolio

So here is my story!

On August 8th 1988 at 7:30 at night

to Ron and Judy was born a little pudgy boy whom they named

Blake William Teichmeier.



Here are some of my earliest memories as far as I can remember!

I loved being a kid and a part of me has never fully grown up!



I remember my Dad coming home from the fire department and everyone of us squealing with excitement!

I remember that he would bring us kids to the farm with him. We would get to see Grandma and Grandpa Teichmeier and I would get to play with piglets and getting to ride in tractors with him! We even sometimes got to come along when chasing cows!



Some of my first memories are crawling

on the floor with my big brother Tyler!

Life was so mysterious and it seemed that adventure was always around the corner!

My Parents and Siblings!

I remember helping, or really just watching my Mom as she worked on her garden. She has always been a true green thumb! This is a picture of my Mom and sister Sarah!

Mom would take us all over the place in her awesome red car! One of our favorite places to go was to the Car Wash and then we would also vacuum out the car!

Sometimes she would make us Mommy meals, her better version of a kids meal.

She also would take us to the Grand Island Heritage Zoo several times a week and walk around looking at the animals and then later walk through the flowers nearby.





Shows That Shaped Me!

Mister Rogers in the Neighborhood.

To this day I am truly inspired by Fred Rogers and his determination to change the lives of children through enjoyable learning that is not filled with violence or making humor at another’s expense.

Mutant Ninja Turtles

I know I just said not using violence, but as a kid I loved Ninja Turtles as well! They had a teacher and used the martial arts to fight bad guys! For a long time, till I was middle, I wanted to name each of my future children after each of the turtles!


The Adventures of

Winnie the Pooh

It was such a good show about friendship and adventure in the hundred acre woods! A.A. Milne definitely created the characters with a lot of love and care and it even came through in the show we loved to watch when we were little.

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